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West Plaza Downtown « The Island Guides
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West Plaza Downtown

For the practical traveler, a great holiday destination must be far enough to get away from the usual routine, but near enough to be close to what’s important. A sensible destination where you can take in the sights and retreat safely to a relaxing and convenient escape. That is what West Plaza Downtown in Koror, Republic of Palau takes pride in. Located at the heart of the city, the Koror hotel offers comfortable accommodations fit for vacationers on the go. With essential comforts that are bounded by brimming natural beauty, West Plaza Downtown is your gateway to both adventure and relaxation.

West Plaza Downtown in Koror, Republic of Palau is a member of West Plaza Hotel chain and is located at the heart of the city of Koror. The hotel’s prime location places guests within walking distance from notable local attractions, restaurants, and shopping areas like the WCTC Shopping Center.

Palau is recognized as one of the world’s most stunning scuba diving destinations because of its copious underwater reserves. It holds a great collection of rare wonders like the Jellyfish Lake, where snorkeling among non-stinging jellyfishes is a famous activity. Discover these astonishing locales near West Plaza Downtown:

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PO Box. 280, Koror,Palau

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