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Guest Lodge Motel

Here at the Guest Lodge Palau you’ll find relaxation in our clean and spacious rooms – all set at an affordable rate so you can enjoy everything else that our beautiful island has to offer. Experience the splendor of the Rock Islands, the richness of local culture and tradition, and other attractions and activities. Tours can be arranged upon request.

Now available at Guest Lodge Palau is wireless access to the internet. Our building is now a wireless hotspot. You will be able to surf the web or check your email in the privacy of your own room.

You can also visit our contact page for information on how you can get in touch with our friendly staff. Make your reservations now to be guests at Palau’s one and only Guest Lodge Palau.

A description of Palau’s Rock Islands…

“Placed like gems in a cobalt sea, more than 426 Rock Islands lie in a 23 mile long lagoon between Koror and Peleliu. Remnants of ancient uplifted coral reefs, undercut by the persistent action of waves and draped with dark greenhouse foliage, the Rock Islands are Palau’s premier visitor attraction. Beneath the surface of the sea, dazzling coral gardens teem with iridescent fish, and underwater cliffs drop thousands of feet in the horizontal distance of a few paces. Inside the area sheltered by these tiny isles, calm seas afford ideal sites for water sports. Coconut shaded, sugary sand beaches are the perfect hideaways for picnics and relaxation.”

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