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Emile’s Sports Bar and Gril « The Island Guides
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Emile's Sports Bar and Gril

One Love is a state of mind. It’s a place where you can let your mind run free and be conscious of the love of earth, ocean, air and all living things that surround mankind. One Love is a little beach bar and grill with a lot of feeling. There are no doors … all are welcome to meet together and feel the vibe. The surrounding natural beauty enhances the true serenity to be found only at one of a few places left on earth!

Located down the west end of the beach, One Love Bar is the cool little beach bar away from it all. You can come right in the shade or relax on a beach chair while slurping down the world’s best Bushwhackerz (our specialty).

One Love Bar and Grill has excellent entertainment including some of the best reggae music on the island. Come hear the wonderful sounds of Jost van Dyke’s home brewed Ruben Chinnery and his twelve string guitar every Saturday. The entertainment continues with amazing magical performances by the owner himself, Seddy Callwood.

About 15 years ago, when white bay was just a beach with loads of bush and shrubs on it, the oldest son of the famous Foxy, Seddy Callwood, had a dream. He had a vision of a beach bar of his very own right here in White Bay, one of the most breath taking beaches in the world. He cleared out all the overgrowth and removed all the sharp sand spurs from the sand. After months of labor in the hot hot sun he decided to plant the posts. A few years later, a roof went on top of those posts. Now he has the establishment he once dreamed of.

Seddy has been a fisherman most of his life. As he would fish all different shores, he would gather washed up drift wood and buoys and old net. He created his place out of all the things man threw out and Mother Nature gave back.

Seddy opened for business in December of 1999 and has been growing rapidly ever since. The little beach bar has developed into the favorite place to be while in White Bay. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem is just one of Seddy’s famous rules at One Love Bar & Grill. People come by for a few drinks and a bite to eat. Others come by and hang out for a few weeks. One Love Bar and Grill is very relaxed and enjoys having you there. And when that sad moment approaches and you have to go home, everyone always leaves something behind by hanging up an article of clothing in the bar which is part of the One Love culture.

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One Love Bar and Grill, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

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