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Balinghai Beach Resort « The Island Guides
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Balinghai Beach Resort

Baling Hai beach resort is a secluded beach resort built into by cliffs facing a private, pristine cove. We are a mere 1 hour plane ride from Manila, and are located on the northern part of Boracay Island – two coves away from the white beach (a 15 minute tricycle ride from the main area).
Through more than 20 years, BalingHai has surpassed the influx of the tourist revolution on the 7km island. To experience BalingHai is to experience the essence of Boracay’s tranquil past. Because of Otik’s creative vision from the beginning, a little piece of this magic has been preserved.
Here, we would like our guests to feel they have come a private corner of the earth where nature and man are in harmony. BalingHai is where you are not only our guest, but a member of the family.

Our cottages are designed by integrating cement and carved wood with Nature. This formula enables you to enjoy such unique pleasures as a tree accompanying you in the living room, or a beautiful rock formation in your shower! Each cottage was made by hand~ rock formations, original treated wood for bedposts and doors included! The sizes of our cottages and the privacy contained are enormous by the rest of the island’s standards. You truly can experience as if you are staying in your own private house. The cottages include terraced, separate verandas and living rooms from the bedrooms. The spacious bathrooms have an extravagant view of the ocean scenery. This environment encases your privacy with easy accessibility to the private beach, the bar, up to the restaurant, and to the reception where our staff will further aid in making your stay a special one!.
Our most famed delight, is the pulley basket traveling from the main restaurant down approximately 50 meters to our bar/cafe. This original idea (the only one in the island!) supplies our guests whenever they abide. A typical day at BalingHai starts by awakening to beautiful tropical waters at your window and your cottage engulfed in the green and blue wilderness. After a day designed by your choice from reading, swimming, or reserving an active day of watersports with our staff, rest assured as night descends. Baling Hai enables you to relax to the sound of waves, the cicadas bidding their greeting, the wind blowing in the trees, and the stars twinkling above you.

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Yapak, Malay, Boracay, Aklan, PH

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