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Ayung Resort Ubud « The Island Guides
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Ayung Resort Ubud

The Ayung Resort Ubud is a unique and luxurious blend of natural surroundings, an eclectic art collection and traditional Balinese hospitality excellence, nestled in the lush tropical rain forest along the banks of The Ayung River – Bali’s most sacred and important waterway.
Ubud is the spiritual and bohemian centre of Bali. The Ayung Resort Ubud is set in a dramatic, eight hectare private estate, and is the perfect venue for romantic holidays, special occasions or the stage for a highly memorable corporate event.
The unforgettable setting of The Ayung Resort Ubud is only one aspect of this totally unique property. Our remarkable signature art collection, displayed throughout the resort, is the culmination of one man’s passion and lifetime achievement of collecting dramatic and rare artifacts from Asia and beyond. For those who appreciate such things, our art collection represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to view a number of very special pieces and rare paintings.
Guests can choose from a number of accommodation options
Deluxe twin and double bedrooms
Superior twin and double bedrooms
Two luxury suites
Eighteen antique Rumah Kudus hand carved wooden villas
Three private residences

The resort grounds provide a truly amazing experience for guests. Over a period of five years, local artisans and highly talented village stone masons have lovingly applied their skills to create carved walkways through the gardens in honour of one Indonesia’s most important Buddhist monuments – The Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta, Central Java.
Every step you take throughout the resort brings you face to face with remarkable statues, paintings, carvings or artifacts And just when you were thinking that you’d seen everything The Ayung Resort Ubud has to offer, you can be sure that you’ll discover something new – it’s all part of the allure and magic of our resort.
Hear the silence – feel the peace
Take a leisurely walk around the grounds, listen to the deafening silence of the rain forest and absorb the spiritual peace that is ever present at The Ayung Resort.
Spend time exploring The AyungResort, and we’re sure you’ll agree that there really is no other place quite like it on earth.
You’ll soon become connected with the driving passions behind the design and development of this very special place.
This unique property represents a lifetime of appreciation of East and West philosophy, coupled with an insatiable desire to bring together the prime spiritual, philosophical and material elements that our founder encountered during his lifetime.
The result is an unforgettable cornucopia of culture, history, art and luxurious style.
However, the overriding memory that The Ayung Resort will leave you with, is probably the incredibly powerful feeling of peace and inner harmony that the resort imparts.
The warmest Balinese welcome awaits you – at The Ayung Resort Ubud.

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DesaMelinggihKelod, Banjar Begawan Payangan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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