How do you decide on a drone

Getting a drone is exciting if you’re into that sort of tech, and when it comes to getting one the options are endless.

I was lucky as I was gifted with one but when it comes to buying you’re own there is a lot to think about.

Well assume you’re a beginner and you want a drone for some purpose or it could be just for fun. When getting a drone if it’s just for fun then it doesn’t have to be a high end one but maybe something with a decent range and a basic camera if you want one.

If you’re going to spend over 500USD then it might be good to get something with a good range. The short range ones are too limited when you get more used to flying it and you’ll just want to upgrade soon after so best to look for a good range. For kids a short range is better as these need to be controlled responsibly.

The DJI product range had items from 200USD going upwards. From the spark upwards they are good for beginners with a basic purpose to record or take pictures. With a spark of you can get the remote it greatly increases your range.

Flying time is also important, as a 4 minute flight is not fun and you won’t be able to get anything done. Check for something with 15mins and above.

Camera quality comes in many ranges with the price going up quite a bit as these good cameras come in the higher priced drones. If we consider the spark the camera was not bad but improved quite a bit on the higher models.

Before purchasing visit a few stores and see if you can get a demo. Check out as many reviews as you can before finalising.

A friend was considering buying a used drone but be careful when purchasing a used one as these drones use sensitive equipment and you need to make sure you know how carefully the last person used their drone so take caution when purchasing a used drone.

Anyways once you get your drone it’s lot of fun! Try and fly it regularly as there’s plenty of things you can do and some of them have some cool automated functions for creating awesome videos.